Monday, December 15, 2008

Jogoya Buffet

The Jogoya buffet comes highly recommended by me.We went for the late lunch session which starts at 2pm for RM68++ per pax

We really didnt know what to expect since its our first time there...and my first round made me open my mouth in amazement...

Unlimited helpings of sashimi!!...salmon, butterfish, name it!


Oysters!!!! all u can eat! :D

There's even 2 types of oysters...US and the korean oysters...i cant really taste the difference :P

Another round of sushi

The first round ... i couldnt find any drink or desserts corner...and it was only after further exploration that we found that there's another whole area full of FOOOOOD which we didnt notice at first ..duhhh

Pandan bbq chicken, cheese baked escargot and snail and cheese baked scallops! YUMMINESS!

Actually there are a lot more food like teppanyaki whatevr u like, skewered meat, all kinds of soups just to name a few...

I think we need a few more trips to familiarize with all the food they have to offer :D

And i really love this small young coconut

Sweet and refreshing!!!

And the don get me started on the desserts...

I had strawberry cheese cake...they had several other types of cakes which i could not evne stuff my face with by this time :(

But i need to make sure i still have some more space for HAAGEN DASZ

Sorry la so blur...hands shaking with excitement...kekekeke

Visit for more info...Jogoya is at StarHill Gallery, Relish Floor

JCo Donuts


Love it that they have customized the box for the Christmas season =)

I really dig their cheese flavoured savoury donuts...Cheese-me-up and Da Vin Cheese

And the pizza flavoured donuts is nice too

Tira-miss-u was ok too...tastes like real tiramisu =)

Mr Baoz

First time trying out the famed Mr Baoz

Really love the carrier box...

Perhaps that's why they are so expensive? haha

Anyway...lets see what we've got...

Curry Chicken (recommended by the lady), Satay Chicken and onion cheese

For one reason or onion cheese tasted more like cabbage cheese =\

With meat filling...

This here is the satay chicken baoz

Real nutty satay like flavor chicken inside!

And my personal favourite...the curry chicken

It's deep fried bao with curry chicken filling...the skin is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside...i like =)

Each of these is RM3 a piece...and smaller than your neighbourhood friendly bao...but its worth to indulge once a while ;)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bella Italia

The food at Bella Italia @ RH almost never fail me...

almost everything on the menu taste good to me :D

the carbonara was creamy enough but not too creamy, cheesy enough but not too get what i mean...

that's the type of carbonara i like!

and the best thing is their thin crust pizzas...

you just have to try it!

food price ranges from RM13 onwards (carbonara was around rm16 and the pizza at rm21..sorry it has been so long i 've forgotten the price 'x')

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Friday, July 25, 2008

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Food and Tea @ The Spring

Went to Food and Tea Restaurant at The Spring on Saturday...

Look at the spoon...its almost as dirty as the ones in my house 'x'!!!

guess what we ordered???

maggie mee...

oh well..its nissin noodle and nissin noodle to me is maggie mee! :P

Nissin noodle with Luncheon meat and egg (RM6.50)

this is my pork chop with nissin noodle (RM6.80)

I rather like the soup...

at least it doesnt taste like maggie mee ayam flavor!!!

well, for RM6.50 a bowl it better not!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Kluang Station @ The Spring

Was looking for a place to sit down, have a drink and WiFi last night...and we ended up at Kluang Station @ The Spring

But we were disappointed to find that Kluang Station is WiFi-less!!!!

since we were already there...just order lah!

my Kluang Station coffee =)

this is my 2nd time having Kluang Station coffee and i think its nice!!!
good for coffeeholic ... you know who u r...but u cant drink coffee now!...waha!

i had toast...

i didnt think it was that came with their signature Kluang Station kaya which is sweeter than normal kaya, but i didnt really fancy the bread cos it was a little burnt =_=

half boiled eggs....

somehow eggs in a GLASS doesnt seem too appetizing to me...hmmm

look at that.....arghhhhhhhhhhhh...ewwwwwwwww......brrrrr....

pls forgive my overactive imagination

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big Apple Donuts

Guess where we're at again ...

it seems that you can find me at The Spring almost every weekend...hmm..perhaps i should find a house near to The Spring...heh!

took this photo while queuing up...thats the PINK PANTHER donut! target for today =)

ta daa...

had wanted to try out the durian flavored donut but it was out of stock =(
thats the KIMOCHI on top and CHEESE at the bottom...

yeah it is really called KIMOCHI...somehow it doesn sound too right to me...hmmm...

and that little black ring is called an alien...what a name

mango was has a light tangy flavor...not bad...
ahhhh...cheese...lovely cheese...

it was i had so far..but not cheesy enough for me

and pink pink pink donut! =)

very messy to eat...

so how do you like my new nail color?


and that should satisfy my donut craving for at least a month!

Sushi King Promo

hehe...guess where i went for lunch today???

sushi THE SPRING...again!!!

we were there for the RM2 sushi promo which coincidentally ends today!

and boy were we stuffed!...we took sushi from the conveyer belt like there's no tomorrow and i love this best of all...

fried scallop sushi...and the plate being pink makes it all the more likeable =) haha!
now where did the other scallop go?

and we found out from the manager that wastage will be charged during the sushi promo...and this..................... considered a wastage...

after half an hour...this is what 5 of us consumed...

21 plates and counting...
we had 30 plates of sushi ... hehehe

and each of us only had to pay around RM16.78...sushi cannot get any cheaper than this!

and after the heavy lunch...its sleepy time for us in the office...

and look what my colleague bought us while at The Spring...

Big Apple donuts.......................again! hahahaah
i love it when its cold...the topping kinda hardens unlike when its fresh from the oven and the toppings all soft and sticky

p/s Now this is what i like best about PPP. Writing so much about Spring and Sushi King and yet no one's gonna give me anything in return =(
Just in case some of you are too lazy to scroll down...ive joined PPP! heh!

Desserts at Boulevard Kuching

My oh my...kiasu-ness strikes again and guess where my kiasu-evil-twin brought me this time???

hehehe....DESSERTS is open at Boulevard shopping mall!!!

The ice cream parlor which originated from Miri is supposedly going to have branches in all 3 of the new malls in Kuching...Boulevard, soon at The Spring and the Green Heights Mall!

It just opened yesterday and i was expecting to see a looooooooooong queue in front of the shop but it seemed pretty empty just now...hmm...

they have a wide variety of flavors...i roughly counted around 21 flavors...slurp :P

look at the muscular arm... I MEAN! the yummy ice cream! =)

He was scooping up Banana Yoghurt for me...mmmm i absolutely love banana yoghurt and its FAT FREE! whee....

At first he was handing us small samples of each flavors to taste b4 we decided on what flavors to choose...but at the end i chose 2 flavors which wasnt even handed to me for tasting ...hehehe

He must have thought me weird...

okay...single cone and single cup for RM4.50 and just add another RM1 and you can get double scoops

we went for double scoops...

my blueberry cheesecake and my fat free banana yoghurt...

blueberry cheesecake was was almost like eating ice cream cheese cake :P

purposely chose one fat free and one full of fat flavors to balance up everything...HAHA!

and mr bf had...

butterscotch and blueberry yoghurt...

if you were to ask me, i would recommend the double scoop CONE rather than the double cup...both with the same price and yet the CUP serving is seriously not worth its price!

they should do something about the size of the cups they use

best of tax...wheeeee =)